Squash Shelf Life: How Long Does Squash Last?

Raw1-3 Months-12 Months
Cut-2-3 Days12 Months
Frozen--12 Months

Shelf Life of Squash

Squash, a widely grown fruit has a creamy taste with various varieties. Its shelf life varies according to the types of the squash you buy. In addition to it, the way you handle is also responsible for extending the shelf life of the squash. In most of the cases, winter squash is more delicate and more likely to rot. However, judging the shelf life of squash is a bit tricky. It is because of the reason sell by date is missing.

Upon refrigerating the winter squash, it can last up to 1-2 months easily. On the other hand, summer squash can last up to 5-7 days when you keep it in the refrigerator.

Purchasing Squash

As there are around 40 varieties of squash, therefore, you should know which one to buy. In general, small size squash cannot give you the real flavor whereas large squashes contain fibers. A medium-sized squash is an ideal choice for making delicious dishes from it.

You can see the availability of squash all year around. However, it is best to get squash in early winters. On the other hand, purchase a squash that is somewhat heavy. It is evident by the fat neck with a small seed cavity; this will produce more meat.

Storing Squash

Squash is full of nutritional value yet inexpensive vegetable. While saving the winter squash, you need to reduce the temperature of the refrigerator to 18 degrees; it is the favorable temperature for storing squash.

Keeping whole squash might not be a wise decision, therefore, peel it and place it in a box. In this way, under the suitable condition, the squash can last for more time. You can also freeze the squash by spreading it on a cookie tray.

Handling Squash

Squash has two varieties and just like their different sizes and shapes the handling also differs. Cleaning the squash properly can remove grits and grim away from it and aids to store it for longer.

If you have brought winter squash, wash it with warm water and soapy solution. You can also wipe the outer side of squash by missing 1 part of bleach with nine parts of water. Although bleach is harmful to health, in this case, it kills bacteria and fungus. The handling of summer squash is different from the winter squash. Use a dry piece of cloth to make the squash dust-free, or you can also place it in cold water.

Cooking Squash

The squash is the healthy ingredient that you can use to prepare savory or sweet dishes. Since peeling of squash is not an easy job, however, you can first roast it to soften its skin. You can also enjoy squash by baking it at 400 Fahrenheit for up to 1 hour. After cooling it, you can either make puree or cubes for adding in salads. Another way of cooking squash is to fry it and sprinkle little salt and pepper before eating it.