Fennel Shelf Life: How Long Does Fennel Last?

Raw-7-9 Days12 Months

Shelf Life of Fennel

Fennel is actually the condense stalk base of the fennel plant that is aromatic and tastes sweet, bright, and fresh. It tastes somehow feel similar to aniseed. It is the flowering species of plant that belongs to carrot family. Its shape is rounded with elevated stalks and green fronds that come out of its white colored bulb.   

As they belonged to the edible category of leafy plants and consumed fresh, therefore, their shelf life is also not too long. They can stay fresh for only two days if they are kept in cool place. However, in case of a refrigerator, they can be stored wrapped in the hydrated drawer for six to seven days.  

Purchasing Fennel

While purchasing fennel, you need to consider its freshness. Select the freshest fennel piece. Fennel contains white bulb along with green fresh-colored stalks. Therefore, it is easy to identify if your fennel is old or fresh while purchasing it.

The fresh fennel bulb is shining white with the rigid feel and anise-like smell. On getting old, its bulb starts getting brown with cut marks. Also, its stalks have lively light green color when fresh. The green fronds on the end of the fennel stalks should also look bright colored with no drooping parts.

Other than selecting fresh veggies, also consider purchasing small to medium sized bulbs that weigh enough. Also, the bulb you buy should be free of any kind of soggy spots, stains, cracks, holes or discoloration.  

Storing Fennel

Fennel is a fresh, sensitive edible plant. Therefore you need to take some extra care while storing it. Since they are sensitive towards high pressure and acquire stains or get soft on facing excessive pressure, that’s why it is recommended to store them separately rather than putting them inside other veggies.

They stay fresh on cool temperature. For that reason, prefer the coolest part of your refrigerator for storing them. Wrapping them inside a simple brown paper can work for a good 2-3 days. But, if you want to store them longer, put them in a wet towel and enjoy fennel for at least eight to twelve days.

Freezing fennel is another tip to enhance its life for almost eight months. However, to maintain its color and freshness, it is advisable to put them in boiled water for at least one minute along with the squeezed juice of half lemon.  

How to Handle Fennel

The most important thing to consider while handling fennel is to make them properly clean before using it in your kitchen. Being a plant, it might contain enough dirt or sand accumulated inside its different parts. That’s why; wash them thoroughly before using it in any way.

Also, check for its different parts especially on large fennel piece. The stalks of the large plant are usually hard. They feel difficult and unpleasant to eat. Therefore, cut them out before you use.  

Cooking Fennel

Fennel can be used widely in a variety of dishes. Besides adding taste and freshness to your dish, it is also a source of Vitamin C. It can be eaten raw, cooked or even fried depending solely on your personal choice.

Also, all parts of fennel including its bulb, fronds, and leaves can be used in cooking. Its fronds can elevate your salads or soaps worth by adding taste and fresh color. Additionally, they can be added to meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, spices, and even with fruits like grapefruit and oranges.