Asparagus Shelf Life: How Long Does Asparagus Last?

Raw-3-5 Days12 Months
Cooked-3-5 Days12 Months
Frozen--12 Months

What Is The Shelf Life of Asparagus?

Asparagus is a type of spring vegetable which belongs to the lily family. This flowering plant is associated with the garlic, onions and other perennial plants. The herb is native to western Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa and it is widely cultivated as a vegetable crop. All vegetables along with Asparagus only have a purchase date, they neither have a best before time, sell by date nor use by date. The shelf life of the vegetable solely depends on the storage method. If you do not store Asparagus appropriately, it will last for a short period.

The shelf life of asparagus is around 3-7 days in refrigerator and 6-8 months in the freezer.

What Are The Important Tips While Buying The Asparagus?

Choose the stalks which are firm, fresh and green in color. Avoid the asparagus which is discolored or floppy. The two types of asparagus are present, ones with thicker stems and thinner stems. The thicker ones are peeled off before cooking, while the more delicate stems are chosen for salads or stir-fries.

The thinner Asparagus is sweet and tender, while the ticker Asparagus has a meatier texture with intense flavor. Check the ends and bunches of the Asparagus stalks, the split, dry and wooden stems are the signs of old Asparagus.

How to Store Asparagus?

The recommended storage method for asparagus includes the storage of unwashed stalks and whole within a glass of water. After placing the stems in the glass put the glass of water upright in the fridge in such a way that the stems are sticking out. The asparagus stalks should be upright and kept moist to stay fresh and healthy for longer. Just place the ends of the vegetable submerged in water, you do not need to fill the glass thoroughly with water.

The exposed asparagus stalks can be further protected by covering them with a plastic bag or wrapping them in a dampened towel.

You can also store the asparagus in a refrigerator drawer by placing them in a plastic bag which is sealed tightly. This method is appropriate if you are about to use asparagus within a few days, but if you want to store the Asparagus for a more extended period then keep them in water as mentioned above.

How to Cook With Asparagus?

The fresh asparagus is simple and easy to cook. The asparagus can be prepared by grilling it, or eat it by boiling or bleaching it; the asparagus can also be consumed by steaming it. You can also try microwaved Asparagus, baked or roasted asparagus, sautéed or pan-fried asparagus. Try these recipes with asparagus, Asparagus soup, roasted asparagus with mushrooms and Parmesan.

How to Handle Asparagus?

Before starting to cook Asparagus, wash it with water thoroughly to remove any contaminants. It is because the Asparagus is grown in the sand so it might have a sandy residue with crevices or cracks. Hold it under the water tap for a few moments until the sand residues are entirely removed.

The tough woody edges of the Asparagus stalks are removed and then discarded before cooking. You need to cut the ends with a knife or snap them with hand.