Mushroom Shelf Life: How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

Raw-7-9 Days-
Cut-5-7 Days-
Cooked-3-5 Days-

Shelf Life of Mushrooms

Most of the times, the fresh vegetables don’t come with a use by, sell by or best before the date, and this also goes with the mushrooms. You only have to go with their purchase date. Mushrooms are available in different shapes and sizes, and all these kinds vary in taste as well.

Wild mushrooms can be deadly, and for this reason, you have to purchase this vegetable from a reliable store. You can store your whole mushrooms in your refrigerator, and they will last for 7 to 10 days easily. If you have sliced your mushrooms, then they will remain safe for consumption during 5 to 7 days. If you have cooked your mushrooms and placed them in your fridge, then they can last from 7 to 10 days max.

Purchasing Mushrooms

You have to consider a couple of things before you are buying your mushrooms. Large mushrooms tend to last longer than the smaller mushrooms because they have less exposed surface.

Before you look to purchase any mushrooms you need to check whether they have gone bad or not. You can tell the difference between the sticky or slimy surface of the mushroom that has gone bad. Mushrooms also tend to become darker in color when they began to rot. If your mushrooms start to show these characteristics while being in your fridge, then cook them instantly to extend their shelf life. When mushrooms go bad, they taste mushy and start to develop mold. Such mushrooms should not be consumed at all.  

Storing Mushrooms

If you want to extend the shelf life of your mushrooms, then store them whole and do not cut or slice them. You can use a sealed plastic bag for this purpose and place your unpeeled mushrooms in it. Always use a refrigerator for storing your mushrooms because they will lose their taste if you freeze them.

However, if you want to place them in your freezer then cook them first. This way you can extend the shelf life of your mushrooms up to 8 months. Cooking before storing can also work if you think that your mushrooms have started to develop stick slime over their surface.

Handling Mushrooms

If you have bought your mushrooms to store them right away, then make sure that you don’t slice or cut them. Un-peeled mushrooms can last for more than a week in the refrigerator. The un-peeled mushroom can last for more than 15 days in the freezer too.

However, it is best to cook them first before they go into the freezer. If you are looking to consume your mushrooms straight away, then wash and clean them first. Do not wash the mushrooms before you place them in your fridge otherwise, they will start to develop slime within a week.

Cooking Mushrooms

They are rich in Vitamin D and other minerals such as copper. You can cook mushrooms in different recipes using a variety of cooking techniques. You can use them in your simple omelet, or you can add them to make those exquisite dishes too. Mushrooms are used in a range of different sauces as well. To use them in your simple dishes always ensure not to wash them or they will absorb water and won’t turn brown while you are cooking them. You will see them reduce their size when you are cooking your mushrooms because they have plenty of water content. They can soak up the fat content very quickly so be sure to use top quality oil or butter for cooking them.