Bean Sprout Shelf Life: How Long Do Bean Sprouts Last?

Raw-3-5 Days12 Months

Shelf-life of Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts have a shelf life of about two weeks, but if stored properly, they can easily last for up to six weeks in a refrigerator. If stored in a freezer, they can last for even longer, i.e. for up to three months. Blanching can increase their life even further and also preserve the flavour. When storing in the freezer, make sure to place the bean sprouts in a plastic bag to retain moisture. While they can be eaten for about two weeks after purchase, it is best to cook them on the day of purchase.

Purchasing Bean Sprouts

When purchasing bean sprouts, it is best to see where they were previously stored at the vendors. If they were stored at room temperature, it would be better to avoid them. This usually significantly reduces the bean sprouts life. Buying sprouts that were refrigerated at the vendors are better because they are preserved and last longer.

Make sure to only buy the bean sprouts if they are kept far away from other refrigerated items like poultry and meats; this helps to keep your bean sprouts protected from any harmful microbes like bacteria and other parasites.

When purchasing bean sprouts, look for crisp and bright green stems. Crisp stems mean that they are fresh, full of moisture and healthy nutrients. Make sure that they don’t smell pungent either. Sprouts that smell weird have either gone bad already or will do soon enough.

Storing Bean Sprouts

If stored properly, bean sprouts remain edible and healthy for six weeks. Don’t refrigerate them while wet. Wash your bean sprouts only when you want to cook them. Refrigerate them in a plastic bag for lasting freshness. If you want to freeze them, however, it would be best to blanch them beforehand. Drain any residual moisture and package in airtight containers. This helps to preserve the taste and nutritional value.

How to Handle Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts should be washed directly after purchase. It is best to wash the bean sprouts with cold water to maintain their crispness and firmness. If cooking on the day of purchase, you can wrap them in wet paper towels to conserve moisture and retain their flavor. Or they can be stored in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel for added moisture. This is the best way to provide temporary storage. Storing Bean sprouts in the freezer can alter the taste of the vegetable.

Cooking Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are commonly used as a side dish or served with egg noodles with onions. This recipe allows the flavour of the onion to complement the flavour of the bean sprouts with the egg noodles binds those two ingredients together. They can be stir-fried as part of a stir-fry meal, or sautéed in peanut oil.