Top 6 Foods that Keep You Hydrated

You’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day, or more, but it’s tough to do for some people. It is hard to stay hydrated and just the thought of drinking that much water for some is daunting. Here’s some good news for you-you don’t have to drink all that water, you can eat it! Roughly 20% of our daily intake comes from food, especially veggies and fruits. Although this is true, remember that you should still be drinking water, but you can also supplement it for these delicious and hydrating foods.

#1. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Cucumbers

Cucumbers are tasty and nutritious. You can spread them on a sandwich, put them in water as an enhancer, and so much more. They have a 96.7% water content and is the highest of any solid food. If you want to increase its power of hydration even more, blend it with some nonfat yogurt, ice cubes, mint, or even make a soup out of it.

#2. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is always put on the back burner behind spinach and romaine lettuce, which are higher in fiber content. However, in terms of water content, it comes in at 95.6%. This is the highest out of any lettuce, so when it starts getting hot outside, use the lettuce on a sandwich. You can even do what I did as a kid and have some lettuce and mayo sandwiches, but replace the mayo with some tasty hummus.

#3. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Celery

There’s an urban legend floating around that claims celery has negative calories. It’s not true, however, it is very high in water. It comes in at 95.4% and is full of fiber as well as water. This veggie is a lightweight snack with Vitamins A, C, and K, plus folate. It’s also a natural remedy acid reflux and heartburn.

#4. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Tomatoes

These yummy red balls of nutrition have a 94.5% water content rating. Tomatoes can be sliced, diced, and used in just about any meal you make. They’re perfect for sandwiches and grape tomatoes are a yummy snack. They’re awesome to just pop in your mouth like candy and you’ll have both your food and water intake.

#5. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Green Peppers

These might just look like a tasty green slice of heaven on a platter with some ranch dressing, but it’s water content is at 93.3%. These high water content snack veggies contain plenty of antioxidants and they’re perfect for before or after dinner snacks. If you’re bored of celery, carrots, and cucumbers, try some green peppers. You can also substitute red and yellow peppers if you have a palate for sweet treats.

#6. Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated: Watermelon

Did you really think we were going to leave out watermelon from this list? It’s 91.5% water content leaves this tasty treat at number six. It’s amongst one of the richest sources of lycopene, which is a cancer-fighting antioxidant. It contains more of this than raw tomatoes. You can get more water intake by mixing it with some water by freezing a mixture as ice cubes.

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