Press Release

Fresher Pantry: Your Answer to Food Freshness and Shelf Life Questions

New website seeks to cut down on food waste and increase education about food shelf life.

Ka Moa Media ,a company with a focus on website and mobile app development, has announced a new project, Fresher Pantry ( Johnson They have worked closely with food bloggers and web designers to bring his unique vision for a searchable food database to life.

What is Fresher Pantry?

Fresher Pantry is built on simple question that almost everyone has asked: how do I know how long a food item can keep? Knowing how to store food, how long food can be stored, and when something should be thrown out are key to conserving food and utilizing food to its highest potential.

With a searchable database containing hundreds of foods – from meats and dairies to spices and herbs – Fresher Pantry gives users the ability to research the shelf life of foods in one place. Through a main database with a search bar as well as food category icons, Fresher Pantry allows for searching of a huge variety of foods.

In addition, Fresher Pantry has a large number of educational articles and tips on various foods, from whether or not you can freeze soda to how to keep spices from clumping. These articles are all free to use – no part of Fresher Pantry is behind a paywall – and contain useful information beyond simple searches.

Even inside searches, the requested information is provided, but also includes notes on how to shop for food items, what to look for when buying them, and more, all in an effort to cut down on food waste. Simplicity and a wealth of information are provided by the team at Ka Moa Media.

Why use Fresher Pantry?

Fresher Pantry’s creator knows about the high cost of food waste, noting that, “we are based in Hawaii where food prices are a lot higher than on the mainland. For example, a gallon of milk can cost up to $9!” The high prices of food are just one reason Fresher Pantry is so useful. Fresher Pantry is also designed to help prevent food waste by providing information on how to properly store food so it doesn’t spoil, but also on how to tell if it really should be thrown out or if it is still good.

Why should we all be using Fresher Pantry?

  • Easy-to-use and visually appealing interface
  • Hundreds of foods appear in search
  • Search is responsive and lists similar search items and foods with similar shelf lives in results
  • Easily searchable categories – for example, clicking on “Shellfish” brings up a list of grid of common shellfish as well as the search bar
  • Educational
  • Helps cut down on wasted food costs by eliminating questions over whether food is good or not
  • Helps reduce food waste and creates an easy way to plan for food purchasing and storage
  • Provides clear and definitive answers with both educational information and a simple database feature for both browsing and direct searching

In addition to an easy-to-use and attractive main interface, Fresher Pantry has an excellent Frequently Asked Questions section with answers on food care and prep, including what you should and shouldn’t wash before storing, what the temperature on your refrigerator should be, and more.

Many products claim to keep food fresh, but Fresher Pantry is dedicated to sustainable food buying that – through some easy planning and a deeper knowledge of food shelf life – helps maximize the natural shelf lives of food. Why artificially extend the shelf life of food when you can use food at its ripest and most delicious? Why throw out food you aren’t sure about, when it could still be fine to eat? With Fresher Pantry’s delightful and useful website, food waste can be significantly reduced with ease.