Pecan Shelf Life: How Long Do Pecans Last?

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What Is The Shelf Life Of Pecans?

Pecans are gourmet nuts that are crunchy, fresh, and delicious. They are the perfect snack, being rich in flavors incredibly advantageous. Pecans are rich in vitamins, minerals, zinc, calcium, and potassium.

Due to the high level of oil content in Pecan rancidity can develop at the room temperature. If you lower the moisture content in pecans the shelf life of these shall tend to increase. Pecans last for around six months in the pantry, one year in the fridge, and two years in the freezer.

What Should You Look for When Buying Pecans?

Look for pecans that are fresh and plump, and buy pecans that are uniform in size and color. Pick up a handful of pecan and smell them if you feel a pungent or bad odor don’t buy these.

How to Handle Pecans

Pecan has the tendency to absorb the flavors and odor of nearby products so place them away from any odor releasing items such as onions, garlic, etc. Refrigerate pecans in sealed containers to avoid the absorption of odors from another foodstuff, for example, onions.

Refrigerate pecans at around 4 degrees Centigrade. Adequately packaged shelled pecans stay fresh for six months, while in-shell pecans will remain fresh for nine to twelve months. Store pecans away from moisture.

Pecans can be thawed and refrozen on a repeatedly during a two year period, without losing flavor or texture.  

How to Store Pecans

Store pecans appropriately as mentioned below to maintain their texture, flavor, and freshness for a prolonged period. Improper storage of pecans can lead to rotting and spoilage. Follow these simple tips to maintain the taste and aroma of pecans for an extended period.

Shelled pecans can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately nine months, and for two years in the freezer.  

Store pecans in airtight containers, for example, in jars that have lids. Pots are considered as the best storage medium for pecans in the refrigerator.

Sealed plastic bags are also considered a great storage option for pecans in the freezer.

You can store in-shell pecans in a dry, cool place for about six to twelve months. Pecans stay perfect for approximately two months after they are removed from cold storage. Try to eat pecans within a few weeks so that they do not lose their texture and crunch.

Avoid storing pecans at room temperature, as the excellent oil content of pecans will begin to degrade over time.

How to Cook With Pecans

When roasting the pecans, you will need to place them on a sheet pan and spread them evenly. Break butter into small pieces, and put over the pecan halves. Sprinkle some salt over the pecans, and place them in the oven. Bake the pecans in oven for around 10 minutes, and stir them gently, turning the pecans with time. Cook the pecans for another ten minutes and observe them to avoid them being over-brown. Take pecans from the oven and let them cool down.