Peanut Shelf Life: How Long Do Peanuts Last?

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What Is The Shelf Life Of Peanuts?

Peanuts are considered a healthy and nutritious protein snack. Peanuts are rich in unsaturated fats, and aid in lowering harmful cholesterol levels, and raising good cholesterol or HDL.

The shelf life of peanuts depends on various factors including the type of peanuts, the best-by date, and your method of storage.  Peanuts last for approximately six to nine months in the pantry, one year in the fridge, and one to two years in the freezer.

Peanuts only last for a short period if they are not stored properly. Opened packets of peanuts will only last for a short time.  Peanuts have a best-by date on the package, rather than an expiration date.

How Do You Store Peanuts?

Store peanuts in the refrigerator, as they might get rancid if kept in a warm environment. Peanuts should be kept in a tightly closed glass container to prevent the entry of moisture or other contaminants. A glass airtight container with a tightly placed lid works best for peanuts, to provide extra protection from bad odors leaking from other food items put in the refrigerator.

Freeze peanuts in a jar or sealed plastic bag to preserve their taste and aroma.  If you do not store peanuts appropriately, the oil content may become rancid, and mold may grow. Several factors may cause peanuts to spoil including increased heat, moisture, and contaminants, especially aflatoxin.

You can store unshelled peanuts in the pantry for one to two months, and peanuts without shells can be stored for few weeks.

For maximum storage life, place peanuts in the freezer at or below the 32 degrees Fahrenheit, as this will allow peanuts to stay fresh and crunchy for at least two years.

What Should You Look For While Buying Peanuts?

Choose peanuts that are unsalted, raw, and un-roasted. Check peanuts to be sure they are moisture-free and without any damage from insects. Smell the peanuts to see if they are rotten or spoiled. Check the shells of the peanuts for dark spots, cracks, or insect damage.

How to Use Peanuts for Cooking

You can add peanuts overcooked meals, for example, on spinach and sautéed chicken. You can also sprinkle peanuts over the salads. Moreover, you can snack on peanuts with celery sticks, banana, pear or apples. Peanuts can be added to baking recipes. A handful of peanuts serve as a perfect daily snack.

How to Handle Peanuts

Peanuts can be thawed and then are refrozen on a repeated basis. Peanuts are good for about two years, without losing flavor or texture, if kept in the freezer.