Macadamia Nut Shelf Life: How Long Do Macadamia Nuts Last?

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Shelf Life of Macadamias:

Macadamia nuts usually last for about six months in the pantry, and can last for up to a year in the fridge, and two years if frozen. The shelf life of the macadamia has a number of factors such as moisture, temperature, and the method of storage. It also depends on the quality of packaging. Nuts that haven’t been shelled last much longer than those that have been. It should be noted that nuts don’t have an expiration date, and instead, have a best-by date. So, it’s completely safe to consume macadamias even after the best-by date.

Purchasing Macadamias:

After Macadamias are harvested, they are dried and packaged in an impervious material. When buying Macadamias, if you’re looking to store them for a long period of time, buy the unsalted version, as the salt can lead to quicker decomposition. Macadamias have 76 gms of fat per 100 gms each, so salted and oiled nuts should be avoided if you’re looking to get the full nutritional benefits. Unpackaged macadamias should be smelled before buying. When nuts go rancid, they start smelling like paint. Shelled macadamias are easier to enjoy because shelling them can be extremely hard. If you have a pet dog, you should avoid them or store them out of reach, as dogs are extremely allergic to macadamias.

Storing Macadamias:

Macadamia nuts should be stored in airtight jars to ensure protection from moisture and oxygen. Moisture causes nuts to lose their crispness, while oxygen results in rancidity. When you open the package, you should divide it into small jars or resealable bags. If you wish to store them for a longer time, then refrigeration or freezing is recommended. Package the nuts into moisture-proof storage containers, such as a plastic bag or a heavy-duty freezer bag.

Handling Macadamias:

If you’ve frozen Macadamias, it is recommended that you thaw them out slowly, so that they don’t lose their crispness. If your nuts have a weird odor or taste, throw them out to avoid any health risks, as they might have become rancid. Handling macadamias are easy and don’t involve much more than shelling them and roasting them. This process involves:

  • Removing the husk of the nut
  • Drying them in their shells
  • Cracking the nuts using a nutcracker
  • Roasting macadamia kernels for 20-30 minutes at 275 F.
  • Roast till the desired color is achieved.
  • Coat the roasted kernels with a light coating of salad oil, stir salt into it, to spread it evenly.

Cooking with Macadamias:

Macadamia nuts are mostly dessert nuts, and are frequently used in cookies. However, they can also be used in savory dishes. Macadamia and chocolate chip cookies have become a popular staple in every household. You can also make macadamia milk for a vegan option or derive oil out of them, which is not only good for your health but also good for your air hand skin. You can simply store these nuts in a jar for a quick snack or roast them with honey.