Flax Seed Shelf Life: How Long Do Flax Seeds Last?

Raw8-12 Months12 Months12 Months
Meal4-5 Days1-2 Months1-2 Months

Flax seeds are enriched with unsaturated fats, and the nuts and fruits containing them are ultimately more prone to rancidity. Because of this fact, their shelf life is short as compared to other grains and nuts. If refrigerated, they can live up to 2 years without showing any signs or symptoms of rancidity. During their refining process, some of these unsaturated fatty acids are lost, but it doesn’t contribute much towards saving the product from going bad. However, its shelf life can be enhanced by taking special measures to store them properly.

Purchasing Flax:

Flax seeds come both ground and whole.  If you are seeking flax for nutritional purposes, then you should go for the ground form, because the whole grains pass through your gut un-digested, and the nutritional value of the flax is absorbed as well.  Be sure to store your Flax in an opaque container, as light can cause the oils in flax to deteriorate. Look for the manufacturing and expiration date to make sure that you are buying from the freshest lot.

Storing Flax:

Flax seeds don’t require special conditions for storage.  They can last at room temperature, in a dry and cold environment, for up to one year. However, if you want to store flax oil, it must be stored in the refrigerator to minimize the chance of rancidity. It is important to place flax in an air-tight container, because air may cause the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids that could eventually lead to spoilage. If you purchase flax from outside, the preservatives are already added, so the shelf life is enhanced, and you won’t have to stick to strict storage conditions.

Handling Flax:

Flax seeds cannot be ingested whole; they need to be grounded so that they can be consumed and digested with ease. Whole flax seeds are hard and can be difficult to digest, but ground flax seeds are easily added to a variety of foods for easy digestion.   You can easily grind flax seeds in a flax mill, which functions in the same way as a coffee grinder. In fact, if a flax mill isn’t accessible, a coffee grinder will do the job!

Cooking with Flax:

Flax seeds have a low smoke point, so their oil can’t be used in for frying. Instead, flax can be used for making dressings to be poured over salads Flax is blended in cereals and in different granolas. They are used in muffins and in making smoothies, to enhance their taste and nutritional value. Flax is a significant part of many diets, due to their antioxidant properties. Due to their antioxidant properties, they are used in creating a special herbal diet for cancer patients that involves the mixing of flax seed oil with a fixed ratio of cottage cheese. Flax seeds are a must in every diet.