Chia Seed Shelf Life: How Long Do Chia Seeds Last?

Raw24 Months3-4 Years-
Meal2-3 Weeks1-2 Years

Shelf Life of Chia

The storage of chia plays an important role in its shelf life. Chia is very nutritious, as it contains magnesium, omega-3, amino acids, and other minerals. Chia is stored and used in three kinds of products. It is stored in chia seeds, chia meals, and chia gel. All have a different shelf life.

The shelf life of the chia seed is two years in the pantry, and four years in the refrigerator. Chia meal lasts for four weeks in the pantry, and two years in the refrigerator. Chia gel lasts for two hours in the pantry, and three weeks in the refrigerator.

Like nuts and other seeds, chia seeds don’t have an expiration date; they have a best-before date.

Purchasing Chia

Use of rotten chia seeds can cause foodborne illnesses, so before buying, you should take proper care to make sure the seeds are not rancid. Chia seeds are tasteless, or they sometimes taste like nuts. If you find that they have a bitter taste, it means that they are rotten and cannot be used for consumption. Simply throw them away.

Another thing that you can do to check for rancidity of chia seeds is to smell them. They are usually odorless, but if you smell a bitter or foul smell, they are rancid.

Make sure you get good quality chia from renowned companies or sellers, who grow it. Don’t settle for low-quality food, just because of its low price.

Storing Chia

The proper way to store chia is to store it in an airtight container. This keeps the seeds away from bacteria that make the decomposition process faster, and also keeps the odors away that can permeate the chia and make it lose its flavor.  It is better if you buy chia seeds from the refrigerated section, and keep them refrigerated or frozen once you get home. An efficient way to store and increase the shelf life of chia meal is to buy good quality chia seeds and grind them in the coffee grinder at home.

Handling Chia

Chia seeds don’t require a lot of handling. You don’t have to roast them or thaw them before cooking. They are ready for use at all times. Dry seeds give us a lot of nutrition; they are especially good for children, as they help in their growth. Using them in cooking is not difficult either.

Sometimes the seeds contain pebbles or dust particles, so all you have to do is make sure you clean them before using them in foods. You can either wash them to remove the dust, or soak them and then strain them.

Cooking Chia

While handling chia seeds are easy, cooking with them is even easier. Chia seeds are extremely popular for use in smoothies. People related to health and fitness recommend using chia regularly in smoothies and juices, as well as salads, because it gives your body a boost of energy.

Banana kiwi smoothies with added chia seeds are very popular; as a matter of fact, you can use chia seeds in any type of smoothie.  It is also used as a garnish for salads, as well as for fillings in different types of bread.