Cashew Shelf Life: How Long Do Cashews Last?

In Shell12 Months--
Nutmeat-6 Months12 Months

Shelf life of the Cashew

Cashews are a nutritious and healthy snack that help you lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels in your body.  The shelf life of cashews, like all other food items, depends on the way they are stored and the conditions that they are stored in.  Overall, the shelf life of nuts is quite long as compared to other food items. Cashews stored in the pantry last for six to nine months without rotting, one year in the fridge, and almost two years in the freezer. Cashews come with a best-before date, not an expiration date, so in some cases they can be eaten after the best-before date has passed.

Purchasing Cashews

Before purchasing cashews, there are a few things you should check. Firstly, check to see if the package is sealed or not. To check if the cashews are old or rotten, smell them. If they have a foul smell, and don’t smell like nuts usually do, then the cashews are rotten. Cashews that are old and rotten smell like paint.  Any kind of discoloration is a sign that your cashews are rancid.  Spoiled cashews can cause food poisoning, and other foodborne diseases, so make sure you always buy fresh, sealed cashews. Make sure to purchase nuts from a well-reputed store, or if you are buying pre-packed nuts, make sure you are purchasing the ones that have been packed by a renowned company.

Storing Cashews

There are a few things to consider when storing cashews. If they are in their shells, they might not last as long. Shelled cashews last much longer. Storing them in an airtight jar or bottle keeps them from bacteria and prevents spoilage.

If you have a lot of nuts and cannot finish them before they spoil, store them in the fridge in specialty airtight jars or containers. Storing them in airtight jars is necessary, as cashews tend to attract odors and might start smelling like different food that is stored in the fridge.

Handling Cashews

Cashews are very easy to handle. If you have cashews with shells, make sure you shell them before using them in cooking. If you have shelled cashews, then all you have to do is make sure they are not rancid before using them to cook.

In some foods cashews are used as a garnish, so for that, you will have to cut them into small pieces or into long, thin slices.   You can also grind cashews in the grinder and make a powder out of them for foods that require powdered cashews.

Cooking Cashews

Cashews are used in a lot of foods, especially in Asian countries. They are used in everything from curries to sweet treats. Traditional sweets in Asian countries contain large amounts of cashews, prepared for events such as Eid.

In western countries, cashews are used in smoothies, salads, and other main course dishes. Large quantities of cashews are also used for garnishing and making chutneys and sauces.