Almond Shelf Life: How Long Do Almonds Last?

Raw Ushell36 Months--
Raw Whole24 Months--
Raw Cut18 Months--

The Shelf Life of Almonds:

Almonds are a tree species. They are widely cultivated in North Africa. A variety of almonds are available in the market. The shelf life of almonds varies from one type to another.

A nut roaster can make almonds crispy again after freezing.

In-shell almonds can stay fresh for thirty-six months, whereas the roasted almonds can be stored for about a year if you keep them in an airtight container. Air-tight containers will keep the almonds fresh. Even after months in an air-tight container, roasted almonds will hold the same great taste. Whole, de-shelled almonds stay fresh and maintain their health benefits for about a year. You can refrigerate almonds for up to four months and freeze them for up to six months. Sliced almonds can stay fresh for eighteen months.

Purchasing Almonds:

A variety of almonds is available in the market such as in-shell almonds, crushed almonds, and whole almonds. You should keep the following tips in your mind if you want to buy fresh almonds.

Before buying shake the container of in-shell almonds well. If the almonds rattle a lot, it means that the almonds are shrinking. To check the freshness of an almond, you can smell them. Fresh almonds have a particular fragrance. To avoid buying a spoilt almond, cut the almond in two halves and then look for a white texture. An almond with an inside that is yellowish in color should be avoided as they are not fresh. If possible choose organic almonds as opposed to not organic almonds.

Storing Almonds:

Almonds contain antioxidants, and, as a result, you can save almonds for an extended period. Almonds which are stored for a long time can turn rancid, so once you open a package of almonds, don’t forget to put them in an airtight container. Always place the almonds in a humid place. Almonds can absorb the fragrance of other food items, so it’s essential to keep them in an air released bag. Avoid placing almonds in a warm pantry, as the atmosphere is a catalyst for rotting.

How to Use Almonds:

An almond can be eaten as is.

  • You can place almonds in a bowl full of water. Let the almonds soak overnight. You can then peel off their skin and enjoy them.
  • You also don’t have to go through any lengthy procedures, as you can just put them in an airtight container.
  • Another way to enjoy almonds is to freeze them and then you can use them whenever you want to.

Cooking Almonds:

Almonds are used in a variety of dishes. Almonds can be added to  trail mix, add healthy protein and fat to a salad, or to spruce up a dessert (crushed almonds can be used in ice creams and cakes). Nowadays, baking almonds is typical.To bake almonds, place them on a cooking tin with butter paper, and then place the dish in an oven. Drinks can also be made almonds.