Oregano Shelf Life: How Long Does Oregano Last?

What is the average shelf life of oregano? How long does oregano last in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? What is the best way to store oregano to increase their shelf life? Find out the answers to these questions and more below:

Shelf Life of Oregano

Ground2-3 Years--
Dried2-3 Years--
Fresh5-7 Days

Oregano is a dried herb widely used for the ultimate taste in a number of cuisines. Being a dried herb, this can be stored easily on the shelf for a maximum of three years and can be used according to the requirement. You can easily use the herb until two to three years from the printed, manufactured date. It is not necessary to store the Oregano at a specific temperature or in moisture. In fact, it can be stored at room temperature easily, but it should be kept in a dry place so moisture won’t affect it. Furthermore, airtight storage bottle can be used to preserve the ultimate taste and flavor of the herb.

Purchasing Perfect Oregano

Spices do have a great effect on the taste of cuisine. While purchasing the Oregano, there are a few things that can help you to select the best one. At the marketplace, you are available with different options, make sure to pick up the one that comes with the finest aroma. Dried oregano can be useful for several years in general, but with the passing years, its aroma gets milder. So, it is best to smell it when you are getting on the pantry shelf. The aroma and essence of herb will let you choose the best one. In case of fresh oregano, check out the mildew or mold onto it.

Storage of Oregano

Storing Oregano depends on the type of the herb you want to store. To increase the shelf life of the fresh herb, it is ideal to keep it frozen as you can make the best use of the herb. The frozen Oregano can be applied easily to stew, soups, and sauces. All you need is to chop Oregano after washing them finely and then put into a sealing vacuum bag to keep in the freezer. In case of grounded or dried Oregano, all you need is a clean and airtight container or bottle. Make sure to keep it away from the moisture so its taste and aroma will be retained for long.

How to Use Oregano

Oregano is just like the other herbs you use when cooking your food.  Before using the fresh Oregano in your recipe, make sure to wash it properly and then chop finely to get the real essence of the herb. This cannot be consumed raw; you will always use it in cooking up the recipe to get the right taste and aroma in food. In case of dried oregano, there is no need to wash it; you can simply sprinkle it into the dish.

Cooking With Oregano

Oregano never comes with the cooking restrictions, in fact in the low heat cooking dishes this can be added on the stove. In the pasta sauces and stew, it is added at the end of cooking. Commonly, oregano is one of the favorite herbs of the pizza lovers that should be added on the top of the cheesy crust.