Cinnamon Shelf Life: How Long Does Cinnamon Last?

What is the average shelf life of cinnamon? How long does cinnamon last in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? What is the best way to store cinnamon to increase its shelf life? Find out the answers to these questions and more below:

Shelf Life of Cinnamon

Whole4-5 Years--
Ground2-3 Years--

Like other spices, cinnamon is an ingredient in daily food dishes. It comes from the cinnamon bark tree, and upon removal of that bark, it becomes a cinnamon stick. The shelf life of cinnamon is usually 2-3 years, but it depends on the way you handle it. When you buy a packet of cinnamon sticks, keep an eye on the mentioned expiration date. Although using expired cinnamon is not harmful to you, it lacks taste. On the other hand, with the loss of taste, cinnamon will lose its potency. If you store it correctly, then its shelf life will be longer.

Purchasing Cinnamon

You must have heard that cinnamon is more precious than gold, due to its medicinal qualities. Although cinnamon sticks are widely accessible, you should know the difference between real and fake cinnamon. The reason you need to know about this is because buying the wrong one can be toxic. Ceylon is the name of the actual cinnamon that comes to us from Sri Lanka. It differs from the fake cinnamon due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. You can identify the real version of cinnamon by checking the following:

  • It must be tan brown
  • The texture is delicate, while it tastes sweet.
  • Its price can be higher than another one.  

Storing Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the primary ingredient used in making any sweet dish, and especially in baking. To reuse it, you need to save it by following the right method. However, it is better to buy it in small amounts. In this way, you can enjoy fresh and flavorful cinnamon. When you want to store cinnamon, firstly break the sticks in half and grind it. Once it turns into powder form, then transform the cinnamon into an airtight jar. After that, keep it in the fridge to retain its flavor and fragrance.

How to Handle Cinnamon

As household spices do not need to be washed, cleaning cinnamon sticks is not necessary. However, you can either rinse it or use a wet cloth to wipe it. This process will not kill the bacteria, but helps in making the cinnamon stick dust-free.

How to Cook Cinnamon

It is true that cinnamon is a beneficial spice that is rich in calcium, manganese, and iron. For this reason, it is ideal for using it in various ways. Therefore, if your cabinet lacks cinnamon sticks, then stock it today.

You can use cinnamon while baking pies and while making pudding and curries. Make your oats tasty by adding a dash of cinnamon powder upon serving. This way, it will catch an aromatic scent of cinnamon. In addition to that, before brewing your coffee, add a small cinnamon stick to spice it up. Another idea is to mix it with any meat to give it more flavor. The other aspect of cinnamon is its therapeutic nature, as it contains antiseptic and phenol contents. Due to such properties, it helps make digestion easy, reducing toothaches and muscle spasms.