Black Pepper Shelf Life: How Long Does Black Pepper Last?

What is the average shelf life of black pepper? How long does black pepper last in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? What is the best way to store black pepper to increase its shelf life? Find out the answers to these questions and more below:

Shelf Life of Black Pepper

Pantry2-3 Years5 Years

Black Paper when dried can easily last up to 5 years. The reason is that almost all the spices come from plants and they have been drained. The drying process involves extraction of water content from the spices. Because water is essential for any life form, therefore, the process thwarts the bacteria, and this adds to the extended lifespan of these spices along with black pepper. However, if you want to extend the usage of black pepper then its best to store them in cold, dry place and within a container or a jar made of plastic or glass.

Purchasing Black Pepper

Black peppercorns go a long way if you are buying them whole and shave them whenever you want to use them. They do come with a best-before date just like baking products, but it does not have any expiration date. Make sure the black pepper you are buying is in whole. If you are looking to buy shaved black pepper, then keep in mind that if it has vibrant color, it will also have a dynamic taste. However, don’t go for very old spices because they lack taste and flavoring. They are safe to consume, but they won’t add any flavor to your food.

Storing Black Pepper

Black pepper is always stored in properly covered jars or containers made of glass or plastic. You can also keep them in whole and place them in those pepper mills. Pepper mills can store your black peppercorns seeds and allow you to grind your pepper fresh whenever you need it on your food. Black peppers add an excellent flavor to your food if you add them freshly ground. If you are using pepper mill, then you can place you spice at room temperature as well for frequent use. If you use them rarely, then it’s best to keep them refrigerated within a container with airtight lid.

Handling Black Pepper

The most important aspect of treating the black peppers is to use them without sneezing. If you are using ground black pepper, then you must cover your face because you will sneeze no matter what. To avoid this, you must not sprinkle the black pepper powder from way over the top into your pot or some of it will get into your nose. For this purpose, you can use pepper mill that will enable you to grind the pepper into less fine particles that won’t remain in the air for long.

Cooking Black Pepper

Black pepper is a kind of spice you can use is almost any recipe, and it will enhance the flavor of that dish. The aroma of black pepper is earthy, and its taste is spicy and hot. These peppers don’t have a pungent smell. They have a very distinct flavoring, and for this reason, they are not used in final seasoning in most of the dishes. If you want to improve the flavor of your recipes, then add salt and black pepper to change the enhancement. For the stakes and sauces, black pepper can improve the taste when used early in the process. For fried or half boiled or even pouched eggs you can use black pepper for final seasoning with salt. Otherwise, you can use it in any dish at an early stage.