Watermelon Shelf Life: How Long Do Watermelons Last?

Whole7-14 Days7-14 Days12 Months
Cut-3-5 Days12 Months

Shelf Life of Watermelons

The shelf life of watermelons depends on how it was picked and how it is stored. If you have an uncut watermelon, then it can last seven to ten days on the counter, and if you place it in the fridge, then it can last up to three weeks.

Many of us don’t know that watermelon is a vegetable but is frequently considered a fruit. People also consume its rind and the seeds. If you have cut your watermelon, then it can last only a day on the counter while refrigeration can make it stay good for your health for approximately five days.

Purchasing Watermelons

Before you buy a watermelon, make sure that it has a proper symmetrical shape and doesn’t have any bruises or cuts. At the bottom of the fruit, there must be a beautiful yellow color. This color indicates that the fruit lay on the ground when the rest of the parts are ripened by the sun. It should feel heavy in hand because over 90% of the flesh is comprised of water. It also indicates that the fruit has plenty of juice and is not dry on the inside. Do not buy the watermelon that is not ripe or is drying out. Its weight will indicate that to you.

Storing Watermelons

Most of the fruits and vegetables work well with freezer, but it is not the case with watermelon. The fruit stays good if you keep it away from your freezer because it doesn’t freeze well. If you freeze your watermelon, it will get darker in color and when you cut it open the juice will flow out of it which will make the rind almost empty. If you have a cut watermelon, then you can place it in an airtight container. As most of the flesh is water-based, the liquid starts to leave the flesh early, and it continues to leave the flesh until it ages.

Handling Watermelons

Handling of watermelon is a bit tricky task but not once you get used to it. From its equator, slice your watermelon in half then lay the halves on your cutting board while the flat ends are facing downwards. Use the chef’s knife and work your way from the top to bottom and cut off the skin in stripes as you follow the curves of each half. As you half is still standing, make parallel, and even slices through the top then rotate you fruit and slice again. Then turn the watermelon onto its side by holding the slices of the half together. Then make parallel slices again along the length of the watermelon in the shape of cubes.  

Cooking Watermelons

Watermelons are not the right fruit to cook at high temperatures just because there is too much water content in it. The heat will vaporize the water, and only the soft mushy stuff will remain. However, you can use this fruit for flavor add-ins. Apart from a vast range of cocktails, you can use, it in various desserts as well. Nevertheless, the primary idea is to add some flavor and aroma to your dish and nothing more.