Strawberry Shelf Life: How Long Do Strawberries Last?

Raw-5-7 Days12 Months
Frozen--12 Months

Shelf Life of Strawberries

Another very popular type of berries is the strawberries. Strawberries also have different texture and taste. Their shelf life differs from other berries because they are the most delicate of all the berries. The shelf life of strawberries is ranged from two to three days. If you have brought them from your local grocery, then make sure that you use them within this period. They don’t last longer the raspberries either. If you don’t want to consume spoiled strawberries, then eat them right away.

Purchasing Strawberries

Raspberries are all season fruits, but strawberries are not. There is no need of buying off-season strawberries unless you can’t help it. Prefer to buy local strawberries if they come from far places then they have to be picked before they are ripe. It means that they won’t be rich in flavor.

Similar to raspberries always look for bright colored strawberries. The strawberries that have vibrant color and seem very plump are the ones you should buy. Don’t worry about the shape and size of these berries. And we mention again that you should always prefer to buy organic, local produce for their richness in flavors.  

Storing Strawberries

Always ensure that you don’t wash them straight away when you bring your strawberries home. The rule of thumb is to refrigerate your berries unwashed, not only in the case of strawberries but other berries as well. You can place your strawberries in the freezer too if you want to keep them for an extended time. But even in the freezer, strawberries don’t last as long as other berries. Look for the crushed ones if any, under the pile that you have bought and use them first. Gentle rinsing right before you eat your strawberries, is a good practice.

Handling Strawberries

The best way to use your strawberries is gently rinsing them with water and patting them dry right before you use them. Just like raspberries strawberries also take on the water quickly which makes them moldy. Water adversely affects the aromas of all berries including strawberries. Hence, always prefer buying fresh organic strawberries that are in-season. When you are washing your strawberries, make sure that you clean them with gentle hands and if you want to store them for an extended period then place them in a shallow container with a cover. Strawberries in the fridge can last for two to three days and for more time you can put them in your freezer.

Cooking Strawberries

Just like raspberries, strawberries are great for various drinks, sauces, and desserts. Apart from baking, you can also use strawberries in some cooking recipes too. If you want to cook with strawberries, and then ensure that you use low heat or they will burn very quickly due to their delicacy. The flavor and aroma of strawberries should be fresh in your food, and you can achieve this by adding them in at last. Shape and size of the strawberries don’t matter; if you buy them fresh and in-season, they will always going to add a touch of elegant punch to your food.