Raspberries Shelf Life: How Long Do Raspberries Last?

Raw-2-3 Days12 Months
Frozen--12 Months

Shelf Life of Raspberries

There are many types of berries and raspberry is one of them. Raspberries vary from other kinds, and for this reason, their shelf life also differs from the rest. If raspberries are stored in proper conditions, they will last for a long time, and it is a prevalent conception that raspberries tend to last longer than strawberries.

The shelf life of raspberries is only a couple of days after you have brought them home. If you don’t want to eat spoiled raspberries, then eat them right away but if you are looking to store your raspberries for later use, then place them in the freezer, and they will last up to one year or so. Then you can use them in various recipes too.

Purchasing Raspberries

When you pay a visit to your local grocery store, there is a range of different raspberries that you can buy. However, looking at the vast variety, you will deficiently think that which one should you choose? Brightly colored and look plump are the ones you should look to purchase. Grab them and feel their dry firmness. Avoid the berries which are soft, moldy or shriveled. These won’t last long at your home even if you freeze them.

Storing Raspberries

When you bring in your raspberries, make sure that you don’t rinse them right away before refrigeration. Always store your berries in the fridge unwashed. If you want to keep them for an extended time, then put them in your freezer. If there are some crushed berries in the small pile that you have bought, then you should consume them first.

Just before using them in your recipes, you can gently rinse them with water and pat them dry. If you think that you will consume all the berries that you have bought then place them in your freezer and if you want to store them for longer then put them in the freezer. But always make sure to place them unwashed for refrigeration.

Handling Raspberries

Bear in mind, raspberries take on water very quickly and tend to get moldy. Therefore, you need to gently rinse them right before you are going to consume them. Water also adversely impacts their aroma.

Thus, it is not recommended to buy processed raspberries. Always look to buy fresh organic berries. When you are washing your raspberries, ensure that you rinse them very gently. If you are looking to store them, then put them in a covered shallow container. The berries placed in the fridge can stay good for a couple of days, for more extended time periods, use your freezer.

Cooking Raspberries

Raspberries are great for some desserts, sauces, and drinks. In addition to baking, you can use them in a number of recipes that involves cooking your berries. If you are looking to cook with recipes then always make sure that you use mild heat otherwise you will burn them. The flavor of the raspberries should remain fresh in all of your recipes and for this look to add them in, at last, to keep the flavors fresh.