Prune Shelf Life: How Long Do Prunes Last?

Dried9-12 Months9-12 Months12-24 Months

Shelf Life of Prunes

Prunes are commonly available in a dried form, and most dried prunes that are not processed have a good shelf life. Prunes can be used for about 6 to 12 months. If these are stored properly, then they remain fresh in taste for a long time, as well. You can check the aroma of prunes before picking them up from the shelf, as it will give you the best idea about the quality of the product.

Tips for Purchasing Prunes

Dried prunes are easily available at grocery stores near you. In order to make the best purchase of prunes, make sure to check their shelf life and expiration dates. Although prunes are dried food items with a good shelf life, they do have an expiration of use. Aroma identification is quite important. Make sure the prunes are crisp and clean without an unwanted smell or dust.

Storage Guidelines for Prunes

Dried prunes are not likely to be stored in the refrigerator. However, after opening the sealed packaging, make sure to keep your prunes in a sealed container with no moisture able to reach them. Store them in a cool, dry place, but do not refrigerate them. The moisture in the refrigerator can cause a bit of moisture in the prunes, and you may get soggy or dull prunes the next time you consume them. To keep them crisp and fresh, make sure they are away from moisture. To maintain their good taste, keep them away from heat or sunlight. A common dry storage shelf in your kitchen is the best option for storage.

Right Use of Prunes

Prunes are generally considered a healthy diet option when you are moving forward with a healthy lifestyle. To incorporate the best results, make sure to use prunes in the following ways:

  • They can be taken with you as snacks to munch on.
  • Prunes can be an effective addition to your oatmeal breakfast to give it a new flavor.
  • They can be a value-added ingredient for your baked cookies, muffins, or other recipes.
  • You can blend prunes into smoothies and juices for better hydration.
  • Prunes can be a new addition to your dry fruit bowl combined with other dry fruits and dark chocolate chips.

Cooking with Prunes

Cooking with prunes is not difficult, as the methods used to cook with them are simply based on the recipe you are going to cook. To make prune juice or a prune smoothie, you need to soak them after a gentle wash and then blend them into juice as per the requirements. To be used as a snack, you do not need to give it a proper wash, as it is already preserved in a sealed package, so you can consume them as they are. For baking and other cooking uses, if you want to give them a clean touch, then take a paper towel and rub the prunes into it.