Figs Shelf Life: How Long Do Figs Last?

What is the average shelf life of a fig? How long do figs last in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? What is the best way to store figs to increase their shelf life? Find out the answers to these questions and more below:

Shelf Life of Figs

Raw-2-3 Days12 Months
Dried6-9 Months6-9 Months12 Months

What Is The Shelf Life of Figs?

The shelf life is not long for fresh figs because when the figs are picked they are in ripe form and do not ripen further as soon as they are selected. Most of the raw fruits are sold by best use date or to use before a time or use by date, same is the situation for figs. You can eat figs entirely but after removing the stem.

If you correctly store the figs, they last for longer, beyond the date of purchase. The fresh figs last for around 2-5 days if kept on the counter. They can last for 5-7 days if placed in a refrigerator. The figs remain fresh for around 6-8 months if stored in the freezer.

What Should You Look for While Buying Figs?

Figs are available in various types, and they differ according to color. The most common type of figs of US are Brown Turkey which has a brownish purple color with the flesh of pinkish white appearance, and another one is the Celeste which has a purplish skin along with a purple flesh.

Other than that there are golden colored Calimyrna, black colored Mission and even there are green figs known as Kadota. If you see the variety of figs, you will be able to identify the ones which are edible and ripe. Choose the figs which are soft and not in squishy form.

Select figs which are clean, dry, smooth and have unbroken skin. The figs must be soft and appealing to touch; these should not be mushy.

How to Store Figs?

When you purchase figs, they are ripe so should them in a refrigerator or a cool place for extended storage. You can also keep it on the counter at room temperature. The figs should be stored in a single layer and not placed above each other. Cover them with a damp paper towel to offer them added protection. Store the figs in a separate crisper drawer away from the vegetables or place them in the back corner of the fridge.

How to Handle Figs?

Rinse the figs before you eat. You can identify that whether the figs have rotten or spoiled by the aroma. The fresh fruits have a fermented smell if they are overripe. The figs deteriorate if you place them near different vegetables and fruits. Practice proper hygiene while consuming the fresh fruits to help prevent the foodborne illness.

How to Cook With Figs?

Rinse the fresh figs thoroughly before use. Remove the stems before you use them for cooking purpose. Place them on a paper towel to allow them to get dry. Remove any dirt from the figs with the help of fingers and be gentle as the figs are very delicate. You can use the figs in recipes such as:

  • Baked Figs and Honey Ice Cream
  • Basmati Rice served with Figs, ginger and Mustard Seeds
  • Candied Figs