Salmon Shelf Life: How Long Does Salmon Last?

What is the average shelf life of salmon? How long does salmon last in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? What is the best way to store salmon  to increase its shelf life? Find out the answers to these questions and more below:

Shelf Life of Salmon

Fresh1-2 Days2-3 Months
Cooked3-4 Days2-3 Months

The word salmon comes from the Latin “salmon” meaning “to leap.” The common name of the ray-finned fish is Salmon. These species include trout, graylings, white fish, and so on. These fish are mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean, but now they are familiarized in non-native environments, as well, such as in the Great Lakes of America. The shelf life of the species varies from one to the other. This type of fish stays fresh for 1-2 days, but after cooking, you can enjoy it for 3-4 days. Moreover, you can also freeze both raw and cooked salmon, which makes it last 2-3 months.

Purchasing Salmon:

If you want to buy whole fish, look at the eyes, as they are indicators of a fresh fish. If the eyes are bright, then you should buy the fish, but if the eyes are dull, don’t purchase the salmon, as it is not good for your health. Secondly, you have to smell the fish. If the fish seems nasty, don’t buy it, because cooking it won’t improve it. Furthermore, you have to look for a vibrant fish. If there’s any liquid on the fish, it should be clear. If there’s a milky liquid, don’t buy it. Another trick for buying fresh fish is looking at the gills. If the gills are red, it depicts that the fish is fresh, but if the color of the gills is brick-brown, then it shows that the fish is old.

Storage of Salmon:

There are different techniques for storing salmon. You can save raw salmon for about 1-2 days after purchasing it. Afterwards, you have to cook the salmon; otherwise, it won’t be fresh anymore. You can also store salmon after cooking it. This way, you can enjoy cooked fish for an extended period of time. It will have the same taste after many days. Moreover, you can put 2-3 slices of a lemon on salmon before storing it, as it will aid the raw fish in staying fresh. You can also unwrap the fish and then pat it dry. Make sure to store it in the bottom of your refrigerator.

Handling Salmon:

Washing the fish is the most important thing to do before cooking it. To prepare a frozen fish, you have to defrost it. For defrosting, you must remove the fish from the freezer 12 hours before cooking. Unwrap your fish, and then put it in a bowl of water until the salmon is submerged in the bowl. Try to keep the bowl away from other foods, as fish has a strong smell and other food items can ruin this scent.

Cooking Salmon:

There are different methods of preparing salmon, such as grilling, baking, boiling, frying, and so on. Everyone has a different taste. Some love salmon with skin, whereas others don’t even want to see the surface of the fish. You can cook salmon with the skin by putting the skin down. Season it according to your taste, and then bake it. If you want to cook salmon without the skin, you can peel off the surface and use it in other recipes.