Wasabi Shelf Life: How Long Does Wasabi Last?

For those that don’t know what wasabi is, it is a spice that has an almost overpowering flavor. It won’t irritate your tongue like chili pepper, but it will annoy your nose like horseradish or hot mustard. The wasabi plant belongs to the cabbage family, and the spice is prepared by beating up the plant roots into a paste. The wasabi paste can last for one year in the fridge while the sauce itself can also last over a year. If you don’t have access to wasabi paste or root, you can also use horseradish in its place. Horseradish will differ in taste slightly but will similarly deliver the goods.

Purchasing Wasabi Sauce

In some areas, wasabi sauce is not available, but you can make homemade wasabi sauce if you have access to wasabi paste made from the root of the plant. Most of the brands offer a ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ date. However, the sauce can easily last for over a year if you keep it refrigerated in an air-tight container. Keep in mind that you should not purchase any sauces or condiments that are made with too many food additives and artificial ingredients. You should bear this in mind each time you look to buy processed or canned food. You won’t get the same taste if there is too much artificial flavoring used in the making. Bear in mind, most of the wasabi sauces available in the market don’t have any part of the wasabi plant in them.

Storing Wasabi Sauce

The rule with wasabi sauce is similar to any other seasoning. If you use it frequently, then you can put it on your shelf at room temperature, and it will not go bad for at least one month. However, if you want to extend the life of your wasabi sauce, then you should put it in an air-tight jar and place it in your fridge. This way you can store it for over a year, and it will not lose its color or texture. Do not keep it out in the open or it will lose all of its taste and texture within a couple of days.

Handling Wasabi Sauce

Handling wasabi sauce is no different from any other seasoning. You can use it as a dip, or you can take it as a dressing. In most cases, wasabi sauce is better to use as a dressing because it does not do much when it comes to the taste. However, you will be able to feel the wasabi aroma in your dish. If you like wasabi flavor, you can add it to as many recipes as you want because it only adds that extra aroma to your recipe and doesn’t do much with flavors. However, if you are preparing your wasabi sauce, then you can add some additional taste.

Cooking Wasabi Sauce

Take some water and add cornstarch to it and mix thoroughly. Take a couple of teaspoons of wasabi paste and combine them with a teaspoon of mustard and a few drops of soy sauce. You can also add one finely chopped anchovy.  Mix them well and then add some spinach or green food coloring.  Mix them well and add the cornstarch mixture to it and you are done with the wasabi sauce. If you can’t find wasabi sauce or wasabi paste, then you can use horseradish instead.