Vinegar Life: How Long Does Vinegar Last?

Vinegar sauce is a type of BBQ sauce with more vinegar content in it. You can treat it as your regular barbeque sauce without any issues. Like your standard BBQ sauce, vinegar sauce can last 6 to 13 months past its ‘best by’ date. In most cases, the shelf life of your vinegar sauce is based on how you store it. Most of the types of BBQ sauces contain vinegar, sugar, tomato puree, different kinds of spices and molasses. Vinegar sauce is no different either. However, it does include more vinegar in it, as the name suggests. Vinegar sauce is okay to use up to 6 to 12 months after the ’best by’ date, and if you have placed it in the refrigerator, then it will easily last up to a year.

Purchasing Vinegar Sauce

When buying vinegar sauce, you should look for the ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ date. All these sauces and condiments come with this date. These products remain consumable 1 to 2 years after their expiration dates because they have preservatives added to them. Nevertheless, before you buy your sauce, be sure to check the ingredients. Do not buy a brand that uses too many chemicals and artificial flavoring. Excessive food additives are harmful, and you should avoid eating them. Make sure that you purchase the products that are made with natural ingredients and organic produce.  

Storing Vinegar Sauce

With the passage of time, vinegar sauce tends to become darker in color, and it will also become thicker in texture. The change in color and texture is usually an indication that the sauce is not in its original state. You can extend the shelf life of your vinegar sauce by storing it in the refrigerator. Put your sauce into a jar with an air-tight lid, and you will be able to extract a year or so from it. If you regularly consume your sauce, then you can also keep it on the counter, and it will remain useful for half a year.

Handling Vinegar Sauce

There is nothing tricky about treating vinegar sauce. Like most other barbeque sauces, it will do great with any meat. Vinegar sauce is popularly used as dipping to enhance the flavors in the barbequed meat. It will add an extra punch due to its sweet taste and plenty of spices. You can use it as dressing for your salads and various other dishes. If you are preparing your vinegar sauce at home, then keep in mind that you need to balance all of the flavors well or it will ruin the taste of your dishes too. You can make some adjustments to the sweet and spice content in the sauce as per your preferences.  

Cooking Vinegar Sauce

Preparing vinegar sauce is just like any other BBQ sauce or any different sauce for that matter. The only ingredient that differentiates vinegar sauce from rest of the BBQ sauces is the extra vinegar used in the recipe. Add water, soy sauce, and cornstarch to make a solution. Then add tomato puree, sugar, and many other spices as per your liking. Add some extra vinegar into the recipe and cook all of it on medium heat until the texture thickens. You can add some more vinegar into it in the end to add extra intensity. Take your saucepan off the stove and use your sauce wherever you want.