Sriracha Shelf Life: How Long Does Sriracha Last?

Sriracha sauce is the perfect sauce for chicken wings. The spicy and tangy flavor of the sauce makes it one of the first choices of sauces when it comes to delicious food. Sriracha sauce is made from a combination of chilies, spices and vinegar. The ratio of these ingredients varies in Sriracha sauce bottles from different producers. This also means that the shelf life varies depending on the sriracha sauce. A closed container of sauce can be stored for up to a year while an opened container will last for a month in the pantry and around six to nine months in the fridge.

Purchasing Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is made by many different companies. Some of the producers are small-scale producers working with small batches. There are also preservative free versions that need refrigeration as soon as they are opened. These at best last a week in the refrigerator. Commercially produced Sriracha has a longer shelf life and a longer life span once opened. As different ingredients are used to make Sriracha the color changes but are often from bright to dull red. The color is attributed to the manufacturing process and the quantity of natural or artificial food dyes.

Storing Sriracha

Sriracha sauce can be stored in the cabinet, on the counter, or in the pantry. The number one enemy of Sriracha is air since it reacts with the ingredients and distorts the flavor.  Another way of seeing if the sauce is going bad is if there is a change in color. The sauce will start getting darker and the aroma will start to change. As long as the cap is placed on tightly this situation can be easily avoided.

How to handle Sriracha

Unlike tabasco, Sriracha is slightly stickier. It tends to hold onto utensils and the residue – if not dry – can be washed off under running water. In case the sauce does dry, it will form a crust. Scrape off the crust and wash the utensil or container using detergent and water. The packaging of the sauce makes it easy to pour and store. As there is an ample amount of chili oil in the sauce it is not a good idea to let it get close to the eyes or nostrils. Sriracha has a tendency to stick around on clothing but can be removed with medium effort.

Cooking with Sriracha

Sriracha can be used as a dip, garnish, or as a flavor base. The most common use of Sriracha in cooking is for marinating meat. Normally used with a combination of ingredients, the sauce will seep into the meat. With its flavorful palette, the sauce gives the meat a sharp taste that can easily be overdone if not careful. Too much Sriracha will overpower the other ingredients and meat will have a spicy but slightly unpleasant taste. Adding direct heat to the sauce will ruin the delicate balance of flavors within the sauce and give it a slightly charred taste. The water in the sauce will start to drop as soon as the sauce is added to a hot empty pan.