Fish Sauce Shelf Life: How Long Does Fish Sauce Last?

Fish sauce is a nutritional and healthy sauce made with different fish organs that are highly nutritious due to the fermentation process. It has high quantities of minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is also compromises of vitamins A and D, B12, sodium, and potassium that are necessary for the nutritional and mineral required of the body. Fish sauce is also used for adding an exotic and delicious taste in different kinds of food items.

The shelf life of fish sauce can last for about two years. However, storing fish sauce in the refrigerator helps to increase its shelf life. This sauce takes about one year under the process of fermentation and then is delivered to the market for a customer to buy and use

Purchasing fish sauce:

Fish sauce is an incredible thing that everyone should have on hand in their kitchen in order to bring a delicious flavor and taste to their food. Here are some great purchasing tips that will help you in picking the best fish sauce for your taste.

Do not choose fish sauces that are cheap because they do not have the nutritional value and are generally not made with quality ingredients.

Choose a fish sauces in a glass bottle because it shows high quality and values the company has for their product.

Do not choose a fish sauce with too much flavoring as it can spoil your meal.  Choose low flavored ones that can go with a variety of dishes.

Try to find the fish sauces that have pink or red coloring. They are known for being tastier than the dark colored ones.

Pick the ones that are sealed and packed. Check if there is any leakage before buying.

Storing fish sauce:

Storing the fish sauce is extremely easy. All you just need to know is, if you have a sealed bottle you can keep it in the refrigerator or in any dark cupboard where there is no light. With an opened bottle of fish sauce, it can be kept in the fridge for a year. You can store large bottles or containers of fish sauce in your home for almost two years.

How to Handle fish sauce:

It is not difficult to handle fish sauce. The primary and essential thing you must know is that fish sauce comes in a variety of flavors. The flavors vary and if you are using fish sauce for the first time, know that you should use a very little amount until you get accustomed to the taste.

Cooking fish sauce:

Cooking with fish sauce can be an excellent treat for those who are already familiar with the delicious taste. It not only has a great taste but also adds many nutritional benefits to your food. It is versatile and can be added to many of your daily meals.  It can be used as a sauce for BBQ and grilling. There are a variety of fish sauces out there, just pick the one you and start adding it to your meals!