Corn Oil Shelf Life: How Long Does Corn Oil Last?

Shelf Life of corn oil:

Corn oil is said to be more healthy and nutritional because it is extracted from the high-quality natural corns. During the extraction of oil, there are no other ingredients added in the heating process, which makes it perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

The shelf life of corn indeed depends upon the date when you have bought it. Every item has its ‘best before’ date that you must check when purchasing it. Other than that, corn oil has an excellent shelf life. If you haven’t opened the cap or the can of the corn oil, then it can last for up to two years. If you have opened the bottle or packet, then it will stay good for approximately a year. Sealing the container or plastic bag of the oil tightly might help increase its shelf life.

Purchasing corn oil:

For purchasing corn oil, here are some tips that will help you in buying the best with a longer shelf life:

When you are purchasing corn oil, look for the oil with the newest manufacturing date. This is because they have more shelf life than the bottles that are manufactured months ago.

Purchase the amount corn oil that you think you will be able to use within a few months if you are going to open it. Don’t take large bottles if you are not going to use it properly, as the opened ones do not have that excellent of a shelf life.

Before buying, look for the quality assurance printed on the back of the corn oil container. Every brand has its own, so you must look for the quality guarantee tag behind it before purchasing.

Note: Some women, who are experienced in cooking, can tell from the smell of the oil if it’s good or bad. Check the oil smell when you buy it so you can be sure that it’s good for using.

Storing corn oil:

For storing corn oil, there is no hard and fast rule. Most people buy large bottles and containers of corn oil for storing. For them, it is recommended that they should know those bottles and containers should be tightly sealed and you can put them in a cabinet. Room temperature is excellent for oil.

How to handle corn oil:

Handling corn oil is very easy. I would recommend that ladies should buy corn oil bottles that have caps. It makes the usage or the handling of the corn oil easier. Recently cooked corn oil should not be touched and should be put out of reach of children if it’s hot.

Cooking corn oil:

Corn oil is extracted from corn in the laboratories with the best clinically approved methods and ways that make it healthier for us. It is mainly used in cooking as an alternative to olive, canola, sunflower oil, etc. It is affordable for everyone who wants to be sure that they are making their food in the right oil. You can fry and cook your food by using corn oil just like other oils.