Almond Oil Shelf Life: How Long Does Almond Oil Last?

The shelf life of almond oil depends upon how it is stored and its “best by” date. You can use the almond oil safely before this date. The shelf life of almond oil ranges from six months to one year. If it is unopened, it can easily last for one year. Once it is opened, it is best to consume within six months.

When buying almond oil, always check the “best by” date and buy the most recently manufactured almond oil. You can store it for approximately one year.

Purchasing Almond Oil

There are two types of almond oil. One has a bitter taste, while the other is a sweeter almond oil. The bitter almond oil results from bitter almonds and has glycoside. This particular almond oil should not be consumed as it contains poisonous properties. Consuming bitter almond oil could lead to fatal consequences. If purchasing bitter almond oil, note the company name and its manufacturer. It should only be used for external purposes. The sweet almond oil is from sweet almonds that are normally consumed. When purchasing sweet almond oil be sure that it is from a quality and reputable company.

Always look for virgin and cold pressed almond oil products, just like olive oil. When the product is cold pressed, it remains delicate and organic compounds present remain intact. Virgin almond oil is also high in nutrients.


Almond oil should be kept in its original container in a dry and cool place. If exposed to heat, its organic compounds could diminish. Almond oil contains Vitamin E and can easily spoil if kept in a hot place.


The almond oil, whether sweet or bitter, come as ready to use. It comes in a plastic or glass bottle and can be used as needed.  

Almond oil has a variety of uses. Many people use it for beauty care, cancer treatments, massage, constipation, or treating cholesterol. Always consult a doctor before use as well as read the labels and instructions. Using the almond oil can cause an allergic reaction or other adverse side effects depending on your health and how the body reacts.

Cooking with Almond Oil

Almond oil, being cholesterol free, can be used in cooking just like olive oil. Almond oil can be used for stir-fry or other cooked meals. Many people add a drizzle of almond oil over the top just before serving a meal. This method of use is known as finishing oil. You can also use almond oil to bake a carrot cake, muffins, or cookies.

Almond oil is great for people who are on gluten-free diets. It is also a great oil to use for people that have wheat allergies.