Can You Freeze Soda?

Are you frugal? Do you want to buy soda in bulk and freeze it because you think it will last longer? Okay, here’s the scoop on it. I have done this before, completely by accident and the result was something that I wasn’t really thrilled about. I will explain to you why or why not freezing soda is a good idea-pay close attention.

What Happens When Soda is Frozen?

Okay, so soda is mostly water, which will freeze at 32 degrees F. As it freezes, it expands, as does plain water. The only difference is that there’s carbonation inside of it, whereas water does not. When water freezes, it just turns to ice and makes the water bottle fluff up a little and when the top is opened, the water may overflow a little. Soda does not have the same thing happen to it. Soda, because it has carbonation in it, will expand to the point of exploding if it’s in a can. The combination between the frozen water and pressure from the carbonation will deform the aluminum can surrounding the soda. It can get so bent out of shape, no pun intended, and explode all over your freezer, leaving a mess to clean up.

Is There A Way To Do It?

If you want your soda to cool down quicker, you can put it in the freezer for only a short amount of time, such as 15 to 20 minutes. After that time, it should be promptly removed from the freezer to avoid explosion. The same goes for beer in a can. You can, however, stick bottled soda in the freezer if you drink a little bit out of it first. I cannot say for sure whether or not the carbonation will still be active, but this is the easiest way to chill your bottled soda. It’s best if you completely avoid freezing your carbonated beverages. Just put them in there for a few minutes to cool them. If it does happen to freeze if you forgot about it, thaw it completely before attempting to open it.


As you can see, it’s not a good idea to freeze your soda or beer. If you do and you forget about it, it’s either going to leave a slushy mess all over your freezer or you’re going to have a drink that you can’t open without waiting for it to thaw out. Even then, it probably won’t taste the same. Take it from my experience, don’t freeze soda.

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