The Best And Safest Refrigerator Temperature

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and found that everything was either frozen or de-thawed? Been there, done that. All it takes is a simple turn of a knob to ensure that your refrigerator is set at the proper temperature. But how will you know if your fridge is cold enough? Well, there are plenty of ways that you can figure it out. Keep your eyes scrolling down for more information on how to properly set your refrigerator temperature and why it has to be a certain way.

The Safest Refrigerator Temperature

The purpose of a refrigerator is to slow down the growth of bacteria in your food. Refrigeration protects you and your family from illnesses due to improper storage of food. At room temperature, the bacteria that causes food-borne illnesses can double every 20 minutes. This is why refrigerating your food is so important. Unfortunately, if your food is too cold or becomes frozen, it can dramatically change its properties and even the way it tastes.

A refrigerator should be kept at 40 degrees fahrenheit or below and the freezer should be set at zero degrees. Why is the freezer important? Well, it sends the cold air up to the refrigerator. The colder the freezer, the colder the air that goes through the fridge. Not to mention, if your freezer is too full or filled with ice and frost, the fridge will malfunction and may not work at all. If this happens, allow your freezer to defrost and that should take care of the issue.

How To Tell If It’s Cold Enough

In all honesty, there is only one way to ensure that your refrigerator is cold enough and that’s to place a thermometer inside. Not just any thermometer though. It has to be one specially made for a fridge. A refrigerator is constantly being opened and closed, which is why the thermometer is best to tell the actual temperature. Keeping track of it can help you diagnose potential problems and you’ll always know whether or not your fridge is cold enough.


Remember, there are quite a few instances in which you may think that your fridge isn’t working right, but it is. If you over pack your refrigerator, it can make the temperature fluctuate. Just make sure to check your thermometer often and if you notice a problem, check your refrigerator temperature and how much food is in your fridge. Don’t take the risk of getting sick, keep your edibles cool.

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